Les Obligés « The obligated »

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Creation 2014


Vertical dancing/video/sound creation.

For all ages from 10 and up

Conception/mise en scène Stéphane Fortin
Jeu : Claire Chastaing, Samuel Deschamps
Univers sonore: Emmanuel Six
Video: Nicolas  Simonin

Production: Théâtre Bascule/ Préaux Patrimoine, Conseil Général de l’Orne
avec la complicité du collectif Kytach.

This show draws on the 4-year long correspondence between a brother and a sister.  The man was sent to the war front in 1914, and his sister stayed home to manage the farm.

Two bodies suspended, between the sky and the ground, to showcase a certain fragility, a tension, difficulties to find each other again for good. Going there and back. Two bodies suspended, tied, caught up, unveiling their expectations, their tensions, their fears and their hopes. Two bodies in movement, restless or still, and the waiting, still. Talking about the forced separation and the long-expected reunion. Talking about what they went through, what they were, the Obligated. Talking about childhood. Two taut strings, like a pendulum striking time and the seasons passing. Projected images dressing these bodies on the wall. Talking about this river of letters between the Obligated, and this language, always coming back down to earth. Talking about the light of the seasons going through them. The light that goes through, whatever happens. This light which, precisely, still keeps sending us back the faces of these young men gone, through the stained-glass windows of the church of Préaux. The images of these faces, of these names, all fading. Keeping this multitude in our memories to remember that the story of these two Obligated was the story of two many men and women in that time. To remember, finally, what these men and women were, before, because they never were the same after that.


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Was presented to the: Eglise Préaux(61), Manoir de Courboyer Nocé(61)

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